Hello and Welcome to our About Us page.

We have been in the print business since 2004, supplying printed posters and canvases to the public and companies.

With the experience of running our Ebay shop we have now ventured into building our own Website.

Our new MyPhotoToPoster.co.uk Website is designed to make it easy for anyone to have their image and artwork printed to order quickly and easily.

You can send almost any image or file type for printing, and you can have your image checked free of charge before purchase if you are not sure it will print.
If you need a helping hand with uploading your image; no problem, call us and we can run through the procedure with you.

All of our printers and screens are calibrated for colour, ensuring your print will be colour correct.
We like to think that everyone can have their favourite image made into a poster and we would like to help in that process. We only have one quality, and that is, our very best, whether we are asked to print one or 1000 images.

Environmental Policy

Our ethos is to be as eco-friendly as possible and generate most of the electricity we use from Solar Panels.
We purchase our paper from suppliers who give us the best possible price and in the largest size so we can save on packaging, deliveries and changing rolls.
Cardboard and paper is recycled as must as possible and we dispose of our waste inks responsibly, helping our local playschool in the process with offcuts of canvas & paper whenever possible.
In this way we help the environment and the community at the same time.

Please have a look around the site and tell us what you think.

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Thank you

The MyPhotoToPoster Team